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Updated: Jan 26

I move my desk from its spot facing the radiator

to a braver place by the window

There is more to distract me here:

light, storms, snow.


Four boys in fake Money-Saving-Expert sweatshirts

swagger by with clipboards and salesman bravado.


An ambulance pulls up at the house opposite

and paramedics dash in to save a neighbour

who I haven’t seen since the crazy days of pot banging.


A transit van turns the corner

and I spot the driver’s ancient face crack open

in a widemouthed grin of real wonder.


What the fuck?

Man or maniac or monster?


Light and angle obscure him for a beat

and then I see. I understand.

On the seat beside him, backward-facing,

is a baby.

It's lovely.


(I make a quick note of the number plate

in case this is a kidnapping.)


Later, a woman walks past

followed by a dog with a man on a lead.

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