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The Archers (2020-2024)

BBC Radio 4

Broadcast since 1951, it was initially billed as "an everyday story of country folk" and is now promoted as "a contemporary drama in a rural setting" that tackles social issues such as coercive control, alcoholism and modern slavery.

Bang Up  (2013)

BBC Radio Four

1 x 45 mins Radio Play
‘Bang Up’, charts the developing relationship between a young inmate and his teacher as they both struggle to face the future and make sense of their past.

Wild Garlic (2021)

Applause Rural Touring

Original drama podcast for Full Harvest.

Ours Was The Marsh (2021)


Original radio play for Welcome to Cloisterham festival. 

Listen here.

Flixborough (2013)

New radio drama about the aftermath of a factory explosion in the 1970’s. In development with Radio Four Drama.

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